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Tim Borland has been running since 1998 when he trained for his first triathlon with the goal of getting into shape. Since then, he has run cross-country for his junior college, raced on a triathlon team and worked as an endurance coach. With more than 25 marathons under his belt, Tim decided to join the small subculture of individuals called ultra-runners who run ultra-marathons. Tim's training took so much time and energy that the idea of exerting such significant physical and mental energy solely for his own benefit wasn't the best use of his talent. In 2006, Tim partnered with the A-T Children's Project to create the A-T Cure Tour. Tim's running adventures are supported by his wife of eight years, Michelle. They have three children, Kylie, Colton and Maddie. They reside in Central California.

Cathryn Achilles (now 17) is the second of three children for Jim and DeAnna Achilles of Northern California. At age two, Cathryn was diagnosed as "failure to thrive". Which as her father says means, "doctors have no idea what's wrong with her". Cathryn was not properly diagnosed with A-T until she was eight. Cathryn once danced ballet and played the harp and piano. Today she no longer has the muscle control to sing or dance, but she enjoys selecting fabrics for quilting, looking at oversize picture books, riding therapy horses and picking on her younger brother Robbie. Her favorite school subject is vocabulary. Cathryn is wheelchair bound and receives monthly IVIG treatments to boost her immune system. She battles occasional lung infections, but through it all maintains a positive outlook.

Max (now 5) and Jake (now 3) are the two sons of Mark and Laura Lesperance

of Neenah, Wisconsin. After numerous medical tests, Max was diagnosed at age three with ataxia-telangiectasia. At the time, his parents were told his 3-month-old brother Jake, would have a one-in-four chance of having A-T. Jake tested positive, and at 3-months of age, became the youngest known diagnosed case of A-T. Today, both boys battle compromised immune systems. Once a week their dad administers their immune therapy treatment. Mark and Laura are hopeful a treatment to help slow the progression of A-T will soon be found.

Alyssa Wood (now 13) is one of five children adopted by John and Marcia Wood of Lemont, Illinois. Alyssa joined the Wood family when she was three-years-old. Several months later, John and Marcia noticed she had difficulty standing still. What they thought was an inner-ear infection impacting her balance, turned out to be a genetic terminal disease. Today, Alyssa is well-known and loved in the small community on the outskirts of Chicago. The community has rallied around the family supporting their efforts to raise money to fund research. At school, Alyssa works alongside her classmates. While she's losing her ability to speak clearly, write and run on the playground, Alyssa demonstrates her cognitive abilities are not impacted at all. She gets good grades, loves to sing, swim and paint.


Feat Productions, Inc. is the Los Angeles, California based Production Company headed by husband and wife team, Deborah and Bradley Carr. Both seasoned in television and documentary production, the two met in college where they were also introduced to their first A-T family. The couple collaborated to produce the first A-T Children's Project Telethon at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh in 2000. The eight-hour live broadcast served to educate the surrounding community about the orphan disease ataxia- telangiectasia, while simultaneously raising funds to support research. The telethon has grown to become an annual event at the University.

Professionally, Deborah's television career started in local broadcast news where she was an Anchor and Reporter serving communities in Eastern Washington and Southern California. After a marriage proposal lured her to Los Angeles, she transitioned into long-format documentary production where she honed her skills as a Coordinating Producer on a number of documentary specials for The History Channel with Bill Brummel Productions. The 2004 documentary, "Rwanda Do Scars Ever Fade?" was recognized with the prestigious Peabody Award. Her work on human rights focused documentaries continued with "First to Fight: The Black Tankers of WWII" and "Standing Tall At Auschwitz". Deborah has also worked in various production roles on content for ABC, Discovery, Court TV, and the US Army.

Bradley has extensive experience in reality television production. He spent four seasons working on the hit NBC show "Fear Factor". Brad served as an Associate Producer on more than 130 episodes involving 400 stunts and challenges. Moving forward as a Production Manager and Line Producer his resume includes, "Extreme Makeover Home Edition: After the Storm", "Deal or No Deal", "Kid Nation", "Hey Paula" and "Coolio's Rules". Currently Bradley is working as a Producer on the ABC splash, smash, hit "Wipeout".

Together Deborah and Bradley trained and completed the first annual A-T Children's Project Marathon at Walt Disney World in 2004.

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