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63 Marathons 63 Days- NEW YORK

THIS IS IT!! DAY 63! Supporters from around the country, gather at mile 24 to witness Tim Borland run the final leg of his 63 day, 29 state, 1,650.6 mile journey!
What an amazing accomplishment!


On the tail end of Hurricane Noel- Warwick, RI Day 62

Hurricane Noel can’t stop us! We’re running Marathon 62 of 63 in Warwick, Rhode Island on the tail end of a hurricane! This is the last day Tim runs with his supporters. Today is for Andrew Martin! Tomorrow Tim is on his own running the New York City Marathon to complete 63 consecutive marathons!


63 Marathons 63 Days- Running 61 in Stratford, CT

We’re rocking out with the marching band at Robbie Smarz’s high school in Stratford, CT. Tim only has 2 more days to go!


Montreal, Quebec Running Marathon 58 of 63

We rolled into Montreal, Quebec around 1:30AM and were up four hours later pounding out Marathon 58 of 63. Tim is exhausted but he’s pushing through all obstacles with the support and prayers of you all! Today is for Antonio Manuele. Hundreds of his friends at Dante Elementary joined in the final laps around the school track. What a site! What a day! You gotta watch today’s “Relive the FEAT” video blog!!!


Marine Corp Marathon- Day 56 of 63

Tim is on his own running the Marine Corp Marathon in our nation’s capital marking Marathon 56 of 63. Thankfully we can pick him out from the crowd as he’s wearing a child carrier backpack with a dedication banner. Joining us today is Joe Kindregan and the Klein Family.


63 Marathons 63 Days- Day 47 in Birmingham

We are in Birmingham, Alabama running marathon 47 of 63.
Watch the fun we had! Relive the FEAT!


Snakes, Tornadoes and Fleet Feet in Hunstville on Marathon 46 of 63

We’re in Huntsville, Alabama running Marathon 46 of 63 with Fleet Feet’s Dink & Suzanne Taylor. Tim answers some of your blog questions.
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New Record Run on the A-T CureTour Day 39 of 63

Five weeks in and Tim is feeling good. The weather is cool and rainy today in Mansfield, Ohio, but the route is flat. Tim cranked out today’s run in just over four hours, clocking a 4:06. He’s feeling great and looking forward to the next stop in Fairborn, Ohio.

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Rise and Shine in Jenison, MI Day 34 of 63

Tim was in a deep sleep when the RV arrived at the starting point for marathon 34 of 63 in Zeeland, Michigan. Let’s just say we didn’t fully comprehend the memo telling us we were part of the “Pumpkin Run.” That, or we can blame it on our exhaustion and resulting short-term memory loss. When Tim opened the RV door wiping eye boogers from his face, he wasn’t expecting a golf cart escort and dozens of A-T CureTour t-shirt clad runners waiting for him. Dave and Mary Veldink along with their girls Abby, Kate and Olivia are responsible for the incredible show of support. I think the entire town of Jenison and a good number of people from the surrounding communities took part in today’s events.
More than 20 runners joined Tim on the first few miles of the run. Kate and Olivia were pushed in the racing strollers. Everybody kept pace together and both girls ran across the 8K finish line to the cheers of everyone within earshot. Congressman Pete Hoekstra has shown his support for A-T the last several years running marathons for the cause. When asked what Congress can do to further A-T research, Hoekstra replied, ““One of the things we’re trying to do through the National Institutes of Health is get attention paid to these diseases because not a lot of people talk about it because there’s not a lot of people that know about it. But what we found is that the research that goes on with A-T can have a benefit for a lot of other diseases because it is so unique and every time they make a step forward, it has multiple applications. So what we’re doing as much as we can with my buddies in Congress is to say hey, let’s get some money here.” All that running must have him in pretty good shape, because he wasn’t breathing too heavily as we interviewed on the run!
Pumpkin Run done and there are many miles to go along country roads between Zeeland and Jenison. What better escort on country road, than a classic Farmall Tractor? You’ll catch glimpses of it on today’s “Relive the Feat” video blog. Hands down it totally wins the most unique CureTour transportation device. It pulled a hay wagon decorated with American flags and ATCP banners. As runners got tired they’d jump on the wagon, eat a banana or sip some water. It was really ingenious. The closer we got to the tailgate location at Jenison High School, the more the energy built.

As Tim ran down the ramp onto the track, the crowd welcomed him and Kate with thunderous bam-bam stick applause. Music blared, excited spectators rimmed the inside of the track awestruck as this man seemed to effortlessly run the final few laps of his 34th consecutive marathon. Tim has said he often felt like was floating those last few miles. It’s powerful to witness what compassion for one’s neighbors can accomplish.

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Thunder, Lightning, Rain & Clowns in Independence Day 30 of 63

280 miles east on I-70 to the home of America’s 33rd President, Harry S Truman. Independence, Missouri has a rich history as a point of departure for the California, Oregon and Santa Fe Trails. Dark clouds rolled in and we were certain we’d be in for a soaking. Thankfully Tim and Mike were kept safe with the escort by the Independence Police Department. With no stopping at intersections, the boys made great time. Thunder rolled, lightning struck and the rain poured down just as Tim and Mike reached Mile 22. The rain was so intense at moments we could hardly see out of our windshield…and we were going only a few miles a hour! The boys had fun with it jumping in puddles and making good time.

With one mile left to go, we packed up the stroller and the kids and headed to a local hotel to dry off and do our laundry. We prayed the rain would taper off in time for a dry tailgate party.

3 hours later….
We were thrilled the clouds parted by early evening, just in time for the tailgate and Fun Run. Tim only had four laps to go to complete the day’s 26.2 mile route. He pushed four A-T kids on the each of the laps and on the final lap Spanky and Harry the Clowns pushed him for a change. Too bad he couldn’t convince them to make it a habit for the remaining 33 days of the tour! Just a reminder you can buy your DVD today at: