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63 Marathons 63 Days- Carlisle, PA Day 55

A huge crowd came out in Carlisle, PA for Marathon 55 of 63. Today is for Doug, Alivia and Caitlyn.


Get this “Thirsty Guppy” on the road

A nice cool shower to wash off the salt and sweat would have to wait.  We’ve got a 220-mile drive north on the 101 Pacific Coast Highway on Labor Day.

On the road Anaheim to San Luis Obispo. Courtesy Meagan Livergood

What should be a 4- hour drive, took about five and a half.  As the filmmakers, we anticipated we’d always be at least a few miles ahead of the lovingly nicknamed “Thirsty Guppy.”  Our intention was to film the RV as it made its way across America’s diverse landscapes.  We’d pull over to the side of the road where there are beautiful backdrops and wait for the RV to pass. We were driving our Honda Pilot, pulling our 6×12 production trailer, surely we can outpace a Class C Motorhome. Boy, we were wrong. That’s because MIKE DURANT was behind the wheel.

A man of many hats, Mike Durant. Courtesy Meagan Livergood

And as you can see, he wears many hats.  Among them Coach, RV driver, on-the-route fuel hauler, nutrition consultant, musician, comedian and babysitter.  So these photos tell the story…always keeping up with the Thirsty Guppy…next stop San Luis Obispo.

Heading North on the PCH. Courtesy Meagan Livergood


FEAT at Shjon Podein’s Team 25 Party

FEAT will be at next weekend’s 13th Annual Shjon Podein’s Team 25 Celebrity Party and Golf Tournament. The Official Trailer will be playing between bands on Sunday night and the “Face’s of A-T” Video will be showcased at Monday night’s dinner.  There will be plenty of our A-T families in the crowd. Shjon and Sherry Podein formed Team 25, a non-profit, which in turns supports other organizations including the A-T Children’s Project.  Organizers expect approximately 1200 people will be attending the event!  We are happy to be part of it!