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July 4, 2010


Rock Bottom – Day 3 Los Gatos, CA

Only three days in and Tim hits rock bottom. Months of training, countless hours preparing logistics, little sleep, triple-digit temperatures, insufficient calorie intake and anxiety for what lay ahead all contributed to his body succumbing to the pressure on day 3. At the time, none of us realized the degree to which Tim was struggling. He pushed through increasing pain and weariness at mile 13, stopping only briefly to rub his aching left arch. Coach Mike encouraged Tim to alternate bottles of electrolytes and water. At one point, he broke out a Snickers Bar and Coke hoping the sugar would be enough to get him to the finish.

Tim pushes through the final laps on Day 3. Photo Courtesy Meagan Livergood

As the sun dipped below the surrounding hills, Tim stepped onto the Los Gatos High School track where dozens of supporters gathered to cheer him on. Tim would say later, “It’s such an amazing feeling to come to the finish and see everyone in these red shirts. It feels really good, it feels like I’m floating.”
With nine laps to go, Tim’s fatigue and pain were evident to everyone. This is the point where we as filmmakers wondered if we would have a complete story to tell. Would he finish today’s 26.2 route? Is this journey done on Day 3? During the final 9 laps those questions were answered for us as we witnessed the power of the human body and spirit when focused on a goal greater than one’s self.

Directors Note: Today’s video blog doesn’t reveal the extreme challenges Tim faced on today’s run. You will only see these scenes on the DVD. Order Now:

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  1. Deanna Achilles
    Jul 4 2010

    We were very tempted to worry about Tim that day! Lots of prayers went up to heaven for him and for what he was trying to do! I believe God honored Tim’s heart and pulled him through. Thank you Brad and Deb for including one of the prayers in the final copy of the movie! Tim’s faith played a big part in his completion of this FEAT!

  2. Marty
    Jul 4 2010

    Another great video guys! And I love hearing the behind the scenes of what really was going on. I can’t wait for the DVD!

  3. Brad Carr
    Jul 4 2010

    In that first shot of the vblog, I love seeing the heat rising off the pavement. I couldn’t really see that in the camera when I was shooting, but we were sure feeling it! And by the end of the day when Tim majorly crashed, we expected to see an ambulance coming or at least a IV started from their family doctor who was there. This would be the start of a very dramatic journey! And it could be the end of Tim’s journey and the documentary. No, Tim didn’t take the IV or need emergency treatment but he was moving very slow. For the next 48 hours we questioned if we would make it out of California. Tim knew that kids were counting on him and THAT was the strength that kept him going.

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