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63 Marathons 63 Days- NEW YORK

THIS IS IT!! DAY 63! Supporters from around the country, gather at mile 24 to witness Tim Borland run the final leg of his 63 day, 29 state, 1,650.6 mile journey!
What an amazing accomplishment!


On the tail end of Hurricane Noel- Warwick, RI Day 62

Hurricane Noel can’t stop us! We’re running Marathon 62 of 63 in Warwick, Rhode Island on the tail end of a hurricane! This is the last day Tim runs with his supporters. Today is for Andrew Martin! Tomorrow Tim is on his own running the New York City Marathon to complete 63 consecutive marathons!


63 Marathons 63 Days- Running 61 in Stratford, CT

We’re rocking out with the marching band at Robbie Smarz’s high school in Stratford, CT. Tim only has 2 more days to go!


63 Marathons 63 Days- Boston Day 60

We’re running through revolutionary history outside Boston on Day 60 of 63. Today is for Caroline Corre, Daniel Julien, Keaton Sakowich and James Burns who joined us from South Africa! ONLY 3 DAYS TO GO!!!


All dressed up for Halloween Running Marathon 59 of 63

Batman and Robin showed up for Halloween on Day 59 of 63 in Rochester, NY. Not to be outdone is Catwoman Tori! We’re just 4 days away from completing the A- T CureTour! We’re running high on sugar and the tremendous support from all of you!


Montreal, Quebec Running Marathon 58 of 63

We rolled into Montreal, Quebec around 1:30AM and were up four hours later pounding out Marathon 58 of 63. Tim is exhausted but he’s pushing through all obstacles with the support and prayers of you all! Today is for Antonio Manuele. Hundreds of his friends at Dante Elementary joined in the final laps around the school track. What a site! What a day! You gotta watch today’s “Relive the FEAT” video blog!!!


63 Marathons 63 Days- Day 57 Montclair, NJ

Mike-On-A-Bike is doing double duty filming today’s “Relive the FEAT” blog in Montclair, NJ on Day 57 of 63. The filmmakers took a detour to Baltimore, MD to interview doctors at the A-T Clinic at Johns Hopkins Hospital. We’ll hook up to cross the U.S. – Canadian border for Marathon 58!!


Marine Corp Marathon- Day 56 of 63

Tim is on his own running the Marine Corp Marathon in our nation’s capital marking Marathon 56 of 63. Thankfully we can pick him out from the crowd as he’s wearing a child carrier backpack with a dedication banner. Joining us today is Joe Kindregan and the Klein Family.


63 Marathons 63 Days- Carlisle, PA Day 55

A huge crowd came out in Carlisle, PA for Marathon 55 of 63. Today is for Doug, Alivia and Caitlyn.


Rain, Runners and a Horse -Marathon 54 of 63 Williamsburg, VA

An incredible day in Williamsburg, VA running Marathon 54 of 63! Rain continued to dampen our socks but not our spirits. An incredible group of runners with the Enterprisers, Colonial Road Runners and the College of William and Mary joined Tim in the pounding rain. Watch Jimmy Lewin ride his horse Blackie on the final laps around the track. Way to power through the run everyone. ONLY 9 MORE DAYS!